4 Pack

4 Pack


Can't decide which flavor you want to try? Problem solved - you can try 4 different flavors! 

Choose among:

(A) Chocolate Chip

(B) Monster Cookie

(C) Brownie Batter

(D) Sugar Cookie

(E) Butterfinger. 


*Feel free to request any combination of flavors. Add a note to let me know what you'd like. 

  • Edible Cookie Dough with a Cause

    Diana’s Dough is edible cookie dough with a cause, so a portion of all profits will be donated to a special charity or community organization. Every Meal is our current featured organization. Read more here or visit their website!

  • Additional Info

    How Do I  Get My Dough?
    We can deliver or plan a place to meet up in the Twin Cities area! We'll shoot you an email or call/text to figure this out.  

    When Will I Get My Dough? 
    Diana's Dough is made in a commercial commissary kitchen so it depends on when we can get in the kitchen. Batches will be made approximately once per week depending on our schedule. Our goal is to get you the freshest dough possible within 1-2 weeks of when you placed your order.

    As of right now, we aren't able to ship so Diana's Dough is only available if you're in the Twin Cities area. 

    Check out more FAQs!