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We're rolling!

Dec 16, 2020:

Ok friends, eek!! It's terrifying to put something out into the world that you've been working on and means so much but here we go!

I'm starting an edible cookie dough business! Ya know the cookie dough that you love eating when you're baking but were always told would make you sick? Well I've got the answer for you! Diana's Dough is an edible cookie dough company started in honor of my mom, Diana. My favorite part about launching this is that each month, we're picking a community organization that is making a difference and donating a portion of the profits. Check out our website and give our FB page a "like"!

Diana's Dough is officially in business!! We passed our inspection with the Minnesota Dept of Agriculture and were given the stamp of approval to begin operating. I am so excited for this adventure!

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