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Selfies while waiting...

Dec 17, 2020:

I’m not a huge selfie fan (or at least not normal, non-silly ones), but earlier this week, I was nervously pacing at the commercial kitchen I’m renting waiting for my inspector to show up from the MN Dept of Ag. For good luck, I was wearing one of my mom’s sweaters, a pair of her shoes that are just a little too small for me but tolerable, and a pair of her under armour socks that “accidentally” got put in my laundry a couple years ago that I just never gave back (Fun Fact: my family are sock fans, especially the name-brand ones, so it isn’t uncommon that we secretly “borrow” the good pairs from each other. My sister and I had serious, hair-pulling fights about sock mix ups when we were in high school.) Annnnyways, after my selfie and more pacing, the inspector showed up. We went through some paperwork first and then we went back into the kitchen and he interrogated me. Just kidding, he was actually very kind and gently was questioning my knowledge, but it was still nerve-racking! He asked me everything from the temperature the fridge needs to be at, to how I wash my hands, to the symptoms of jaundice, to how to operate the commercial dish washer (that was definitely a “fake it till ya make it” moment because I had only quickly been shown how to do it once, but after some fumbling, I showed that beast of a machine who was boss and must’ve seemed competent enough in operating it). After our kitchen walk-through, we sat back down and he typed on his computer for what seemed like an eternity while I awkwardly looked around and silently wondered if he was judging me for accidentally touching my face 7 minutes ago. He finally started talking to me again (no comment about my accidental face-touch) and he ended his schpeel with “any questions?” to which I replied “uhh so is that all I need to do right now? Mail my check to the state?” He said “yep, you’re good to go, here’s your paperwork. You can start today if you want.” Whew!!

Thank you all so much for your support over the past day - it truly means the world to me! We’ve already raised a big chunk of change for Metro Meals on Wheels and it’s only Day 2!

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