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Esophageal Cancer Action Network

4/15/21The Esophageal Cancer Action Network is the community organization that Diana’s Dough is currently featuring and donating to.

Esophageal cancer was the type of cancer that my mom, Diana, passed away from. She was diagnosed in June 2018 and passed away just a short 16 months later.

Esophageal caner is one of the fastest increasing cancers in the U.S. Only one in five patients diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer will survive more than 5 years after their diagnosis. When I first read that statistic after my mom was diagnosed, I was completely devastated and terrified.

Though considered a rare disease, Esophageal Cancer takes more American lives each year than melanoma skin cancer or cervical cancer. While increased awareness remains ECAN’s primary focus, educating patients about their options for prevention, early detection and treatment has become a priority. ECAN launched the first Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month effort in 2009 and since then, governments, businesses and other organizations throughout the nation have recognized April as Esophageal Cancer Awareness. ECAN is also engaged in campaign to include Esophageal Cancer in the only cancer research program controlled by Congress. Despite its distinction as one of the fastest increasing cancer diagnoses in the United States, Esophageal Cancer is currently among the most poorly funded cancers in terms of federal research dollars. ECAN has become a trusted and reliable source for the latest in medical research affecting those at risk for Esophageal Cancer.

When you buy dough, you’re supporting ECAN!!

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